Words by Genice Phillips, Interview by Daviel James

Based out of Antigua, Founder and CEO Patrick Joseph started his youthful brand, Stooge Streetwear, when he couldn’t find bowties in any nearby local stores. “I began researching and making clip-on bowties and it steadily began to grow from there,” he says.

Bowties turned into creating distressed jeans for customers during the Carnival season, and next he began incorporating his jaunty, animated artwork on t-shirts. His premiere tee shares his take on the classic “Parental Advisory” graphic with a striking black and gold color scheme. Promoting it on both his personal IG and business page has amassed a solid local following. His goal for Stooge is to become a “regionally-known brand” and continue his passion and goals in the fashion industry.

Stooge Streetwear Logo“What was just a hobby, or a pastime, has blossomed into something that what I could ever imagine,” Joseph says. “Being a new company on the block I expect a lot of ups and downs, but I’m looking forward to it.” 

For inquiries, email: stoogesco@gmail.com

IG: stooge.co 

Twitter: stoogestr3twear