Meet Ms. Dee.

As the founder and organizer of the popular, Caribbean girl, lifestyle and fashion website Caribbean Girls Unite, Dee is a maven about what us Caribbean women go through. Her mission for Caribbean Girls Unite is to highlight Caribbean women making an impact in all industries, and she also knows the importance of every Caribbean girl’s value on truly expressing ourselves through fashion and style.

We reached out to Dee to see what’s trending in Fashion for 2014, the key to a signature look, and how to find your unique “Caribbean gyal” style!

POTENT: In two words, how would you describe your style?

 Dee: I would describe my style as comfortably chic.

Ms. Dee -CGUPOTENT: Which Caribbean island are you from and what type of style do you witness?

Dee: I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. In Jamaica we are all about colors – LOTS of it and in every bit of your outfit. Even your hair! I love Jamaican style because it’s vibrant and has lots of personality.

POTENT: What essentials are you planning on using this upcoming Spring?

Dee: I absolutely need to have a signature piece that goes with most of my clothing, whether it be a bag, or an accessory. I live in Miami, so its warm all the time. I recently purchased a very chic bag; I believe this will be essential in most of my outfits this spring.

POTENT: How do you mix trendy and modern pieces to your Caribbean Style?

Dee: As mentioned before, Caribbean style is colorful. Modern/trendy pieces like bold patterns and color blocking works perfectly with Caribbean style. I usually try to incorporate a bold color or print into most of my outfits.

Ms. Dee - CGU POTENT: In what ways have the places you’ve been to and your Caribbean heritage, influenced your style?

Dee:  I lived in NYC all of my life up until this past summer when I moved to Miami. NYC is a fashion hub. Our style is very chic, clean and forward moving. NYC is so diverse that I was exposed to many different cultures and their fashions. I loved the gold and bold reds, purples and pinks. I would see embroidery in the dresses of Asian women in China town. In east Harlem, I would be in awe with the patterns and prints of the African women and men. Right in Brooklyn, I got a bit of Orthodox chic walking down the streets of Eastern Parkway and saw the Jewish women in their traditional clothes and super high heel shoes. But the best part was having that all at the tips of my fingers and incorporating it all into my personal style. Ms. Dee - CGUPOTENT: Where do you receive your style inspiration?

Dee: My style is heavily dependent on my mood. I love to be comfortable but also I want my outfits to make a statement. My style is inspired a bit by Rihanna’s edge, Beyoncé’s class, Solange’s eclecticism and Jamaica’s attitude.

POTENT: What advice do you have for Caribbean fashionistas looking to change-up their look during the new year, and on expressing who they are through fashion?

Dee: I would say to wear what you want and what makes you feel good. Society forces us to second guess who we are, what we represent and our purpose. Do what you want! Wear what you want! When you look good you feel good, so make that your priority.CGU LogoBe sure to check out Dee’s blog/website Caribbean Girls Unite to receive great style inspiration!

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