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Spice Continues Reign in Dancehall and Entertainment

Spice Continues Reign in Dancehall and Entertainment

Many have titled dancehall phenom Spice (née Grace Hamilton) as the current Queen of Dancehall. While that conversation continues to echo amongst die-hard fans and cultural music spaces, Spice continues to make an undeniable mark in dancehall and also entertainment. We’ve watched her decades long career take shape, from the breakout hit with the legendary Vybz Kartel on “Romping Shop”, the anthem “So Mi Like It”, performances on stages worldwide, to the public legal battle with record label, VP Records, as well as igniting conversations about colorism with the powerful track, “Black Hypocrisy.”  

Her songs are in heavy rotation – with millions of YouTube views – and her live performances are a master class in entertaining an audience. Her “spicy” personality is enjoyed by fans, and always displayed on the highly rated “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” television show. She has transformed her role as entrepreneur over the years, alongside her artistry, building brands outside of music but still in the realm of her interests. For beauty, makeup, laces, and lashes are among the products in stock at her Faces and Laces e-store. You can also grab a sexy, form-fitting bodysuit or a comfy tracksuit at Graci Noir, an inclusive clothing venture she launched last year in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Spice’s Debut Album, “10” 

The 15-track project is full of new music that fans will surely appreciate. Executive produced by Shaggy, another dancehall legend, Spice’s “10” was a long wait, but one worth waiting for. 

Spice’s “10” Album Cover

From the intergalactic, afro-futuristic cover to the bruk-out tunes, we get to see and hear different sides of Spice. Her rawness is consistent on the monster hit, “Go Down Deh” which features both Shaggy and Sean Paul. Other standout tracks like S.P.I.C.E”, and “Fit”, captivate with fresh melodies and lyrics. But her social commentary on songs like “Po-Po”, which feature her son, Nicho, continues to drive sensitive topics that have personally affected her.    

Beyond The Music

To put things mildly, Spice has been in the headlines a lot. Late last year she had extremely public falling outs with her former dancers (Rebel, TC, Pretty Pretty), a former close friend/spiritual advisor (RT Boss) and ex-boyfriend and father of her two children (Nicholas Lall). This whirlwind of drama peaked with numerous back and forth Instagram (IG) live sessions and a tearful Spice defending herself against hurtful accusations.  

After months of rumors of a rift between Spice and fellow dancehall artist, Shenseea, the two stars unfollowed each other on IG. Shenseea is widely regarded as currently the only credible challenger to Spice’s Dancehall Queen crown. Nonetheless, Spice has publicly praised Shenseea in the past and warned fans not to pit them against each other. In an IG Live, Spice explained her opinion on what caused the strain on the artists’ friendship and placed the blame squarely on Shenseea’s former manager (Romeich; real name Rudolph Brown).

Nonetheless, Spice appears to currently be in a great space. Her Instagram feed showcases well-deserved vacations in exotic destinations (Mexico, Zambia, etc.) and the Dancehall Queen has a new boyfriend (Justin Budd), whom she affectionately refers to as “Rasta”. The lovely couple has been inseparable since announcing their relationship to the world.

What’s Next?

“I’ll never stay down / I’ll stay on top”, Spice sings repeatedly on “Top”, one of the singles off “10”. Her notable success and impact have cemented her space as a dancehall provocateur and icon. We’ll watch what formulates as she moves into higher levels of her career. 

“10” is now available on major streaming platforms. Stream on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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