Words by Nneka Samuel

If a friendly stranger can tell you when there’s toilet tissue on the bottom of your shoe or noticeable chunks of food stuck in your teeth, then surely your best friend can verify the freshness of your breath before you go on an interview.  At least, that’s Rachel’s thinking in the fourth episode of Ackee & Saltfish, aptly titled “The Job Interview.”

Rachel doesn’t get what all of Olivia’s fuss is about. She’s rightfully nervous, but if Olivia does her this one solid, she can go on her merry way and land that job.  “All the greats do it,” after all, this so-called standard friendship breath-smelling procedure.  But Olivia, who stops reading Noble Prize-winning author Toni Morrison’s novel Sula, also about two best friends, to turn down her friend’s bizarre and potentially smelly request, ain’t having it.

Think of all the much more complicated, annoying things Rachel could have asked Olivia to do at a time like this.  She could have asked for a ride to and from the interview, or money for car fare.  Worse still, Olivia could be using her brain power to head a mock interview, coming up with all sorts of questions and scenarios to stump Rachel.  But Rachel asks for none of these things.  Seemingly, she’s as prepared for the interview as her outfit is fly.

Will Olivia give in and smell Rachel’s breath?  What will become of their friendship if she doesn’t?  Tune in to latest installment of Ackee & Saltfish to find out.