Words by Nneka Samuel

It happens. Your jam comes on the radio. It may not even be a song you know, but the groove gets into your bones and takes control of your body. Before you know it, youā€™re just a swanginā€™, bouncing and acting a damn fool. This is something our girls Olivia and Rachel know a bit too much about in Episode 3 of Ackee & Saltfish.

Seeking shelter from the rain in a carpet shop of all places, a seemingly boring detour turns into a chest diving, fort hiding, club vibe adventure. Like giddy kids in a ball pit, the besties prove they can have fun and be their authentic selves just about anywhere. Watch what happens as they peruse the packed aisles of an unexpected Holloway hideaway and attempt to dodge the eyes of a watchful store clerk. And be sure to tune in here for Potent’s recaps of the weekly episodes.