TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, /PRNewswire/ — On October 29 a panel of judges at the 2015 Salon Du Chocolat in Paris recognized Honduran cocoa as the best cocoa in Central America and the Caribbean. The global cocoa experts, including master chocolatiers from around the world and tasters from the leading chocolate and cocoa producers, came together for the International Cocoa Awards to select and honor Cocoa of Excellence.

Maribel Lieberman, a well-known Honduran chocolatier and one of the Honduran Country Brand Ambassadors, indicated that she views the award as a source of great happiness and pride for all her fellow Hondurans. “I use Honduran cocoa because its quality and flavor is unlike any other”. MarieBelle Chocolates is proud to be the U.S.’s only source of some wonderful unique treats from Honduras. “Personally, I am very proud of the products my country produces and how they are finally receiving some well-deserved global recognition.” Lieberman feels Honduran cocoa is ripe to soon be available in elite locations around the globe.

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The biennial Cocoa of Excellence award seeks to promote the professionalization and sustainability of the cocoa supply chain by recognizing and promoting its quality around the world. At this year’s competition, 35 producing countries participated and 146 cocoa beans were sampled. The 50 best cocoa bean samples were processed to produce chocolate that was evaluated by 26 top professionals from around the world. Additional information on the Cocoa of Excellence Program is available at: www.cocoaofexcellence.org.