Words by Genice Phillips

As of late, reggae and dancehall have been creeping back into hip hop’s repertoire (Check out KanyeFrench MontanaA$AP Ferg)

Busta Rhymes gets in on the action and returns to his Jamaican roots with the dancehall/pop/hip hop fusion, “Twerk It.” 

Since his formal introduction on A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario,” Bussa Buss has oft been known for his alarmingly powerful and energetic flows with a comedic flair. Advantageous using Jamaican patois, “Twerk It” is no exception, simmering with sharp rhymes then bubbling with a repeating “twerk it” command.

With Pharrell (The Neptunes) producing the track, it’s clear their collaboration is well-tuned and gives Busta a fresh sound in the dancehall/hip hop arena. Director X,  known for his work with Sean Paul (Gimme the Light, Get Busy) maintains the typical components of a dancehall video (dancehall scene, fire, Jamaican flag colors, women with pronounced posteriors) but adds a few quirks that remind us of  Busta’s animated personality, like his head morphing into one of Spiderman’s archenemies, Venom. He even uses an enormous lazer gun to obliterate some envious cipher. QUANGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

It wouldn’t be fitting without copious amounts of slow-motion twerking, and with any hip hop video – friends always come out to support. Swizz Beatz, DJ Khaled, Pharrell and Busta’s right hand man all show up to nod their approval.

And what would the track be without Nicki Minaj? Yuh dun know, Nicki reps Trinidad and Brooklyn HARD. Let the twerking commence.

Busta Rhymes ft. Nicki Minaj – Twerk It from Artists And Derelicts on Vimeo.