Artist Collective: Breadfruit and Bakes

Words by Genice Phillips

Art and fashion have always had a symbiotic relationship, but we didn’t realize how much it would make us yearn for a tasty Bajan meal. Enter Breadfruit and Bakes, an artist collective merging creative design, contemporary art, and a little bit of fashion throughout Barbados.

The project initially began with an art exhibit in July 2011, led by frontmen and painters Graham Gill and Dustin Harewood, who collaborated with renowned artist, Ras Akyem Ramsey. Since then, the process has been organic with other creatives – not just in the art world and not just in the Caribbean.

The Breadfruit and Bakes shirts have provided more exposure to the movement and brand. Starting with a design inspired by reggae artist, Sizzla, the image has evolved into a chilling figure of a skull. Offering only a limited supply, the shirts are screen-printed by hand and usually sell for $20 BBD.

If you look on their “About” page on Facebook, they don’t exactly verbalize what Breadfruit and Bakes is all about. “We can’t fully describe what the hell’s going on here…….”

No description needed. We’re intrigued.

Breadfruit and Bakes - Gray tank Breadfruit and Bakes - Brand Evolve - Facebook 08-2013