Body x Self Issue Postponed. A Special Issue on Hurricane Relief Efforts

The POTENT team had planned to explore the theme of cultural identity in our second issue, Body x Self. But our islands are in need.

Hurricane Irma, Jose, and Maria have caused devastation across the region.

Our decision to postpone the Body x Self Issue is out of journalistic responsibility. There is a humanitarian crisis at hand. The onset of this hurricane season has left some islands inhabitable, spurring new conversations on climate change and renewable energy development in the Caribbean.

In Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, we know the response has been inadequate in relief efforts. Families are without basic necessities (food, water, electricity) to survive. Citizens of Dominica, St. Martin and Barbuda have experienced traumatic events which have inflicted physical damage to their properties, their homes, as well as emotional and psychological damage of leaving their life behind to start over, uncertain of when they can return to rebuild.

Thus we have decided to use this platform to share our stories of loss and pain, but also triumph, resilience, and unity. A special issue will be released at the start of 2018 chronicling the effects of this hurricane season.

In this special issue, we will cover topics of: reconstruction, public health, sustainable development, the environmental and financial impact of climate change, how social and racial inequality intensifies natural disasters, the future of Caribbean tourism, personal stories of survival, the Diasporic response, and more.

We are asking interested writers that would like to submit an article, to first pitch their stories to us. Keep it to 250 words or less, with a plan on how it will be told visually. Email your pitches to: DEADLINE to pitch is Friday, December 1.

And stay tuned for more information.

Peace and Power,