Words by Nneka Samuel

You can’t say the words “one love” without calling to mind late reggae icon, Bob Marley. Seriously, I’ve tried. It’s literally impossible.

Marley’s timeless music stood for love, peace, unity and equality, and in honor of the 30th anniversary of his “Legend” album, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has partnered with the 1Love Foundation to create a special edition flavor worthy of Marley’s name.

Called “Satisfy My Bowl,” the banana flavored ice cream is accented with hints of caramel, cookie swirls and little chocolatey peace signs. But satisfying your taste buds is one thing; with a purchase of the sweet stuff, you can satisfy your soul as well. Proceeds from the special edition ice cream will enable the 1Love Foundation, a movement started by the Marley family, to empower Jamaican youth. Makes you want to go out and buy a pint – or five, doesn’t it?

“Satisfy My Bowl” debuts in early October at The Legend Session in the UK, an event where musicians will create their own, unique versions of ‘Legends” tracks live on stage.
But, get this: as of now, “Satisfy My Bowl” will only be available in the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Surprised? So are we. Thankfully, some wonderful soul organized a petition via the iPetitions website. All it needs is 5,000 signatures in order to be sent to the powers that be at Ben & Jerry’s to consider making the ice cream available in the U.S. Now, if only we could get the ice cream available in the Caribbean…