Blaze It Up! Potent’s 4/20 Countdown

Words by Tremayne St. Kitts

Here at POTENT, we’ve nominated a few music videos floating around the timelines that are fit for celebrating this 4/20 season.

5. Pass The Dutchie by Musical Youth. The song reached number one on the U.K singles charts in 1982, and was also nominated for a Grammy. Fun fact: in the lyric, “dutchie” is actually a euphemism for the famous ‘Dutch pot’, often used in Jamaican-style kitchens.



4. Supercat hits the spliff and then the stage in this video from the Bad Boy era, circa 1993. Supplying the surprise ending, Puffy, 3rd Eye and The Notorious B.I.G get in on the circle to wild out for a few. Here’s Dolly My Baby, the Bad Boy extended remix.



3. At number 3, the Roots Reggae Queen is embracing her lover’s gifts, which include more than just the “sweet collie draw” grown in the Rastaman’s garden. Take a walk through a day in the life with Jah9 in her video for Avocado.



2. We Be Burning by Sean Paul was a firestarter back in the early 2000s, and in our number 2 spot he brings the bashment out to the middle of the desert to light up and let loose.



1. And finally, at number 1 we looked to Bob Marley to keep the good vibes and the good times rolling. Pass it around and feel alright! Here’s the video for One Love.