It’s Carnival Season! Which means many fêtes, street parades, plenty of food, and music. First on the list is Curaçao Carnival. Starting a few days after the New Year, Curaçao has plenty of celebrations on deck, lasting until March 4th.

Fuik Dag, the hottest boat party on the island, usually brings a few well-known DJ’s like Chuckie and Afrojack (both are Dutch, btw) to spin records and keep the vibes going. Sail through with some friends on the first Sunday of January.

Curaçao Carnival Photo Credit: Johnny Friskilä

Photo Credit: Johnny Friskilä

A festival for Tumba, Curaçao’s official music of Carnival, starts next month. Originating from Africa but modernly influenced by merengue and other Latin music genres, the four-day Tumba festival attracts several singers and bands that perform original lyrics and compositions. All compete in hopes of their song being selected as the official road march, with a singer crowned Rei di Tumba or Reina di Tumba – King/Queen of Tumba. Tumba competitions for the youth are also held throughout the season.

Interested in more events for Curaçao Carnival, visit their official Carnival site for info on schedules, history, and joining in on the celebration.