Beyoncé Dutty Wines at the SuperBowl, Sexy Actresses in Top Commercials

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on the SuperBowl XLVII win!

Sunday was the night for hot wings and pizza deals, parties with friends (placing bets), and the two main highlights for fans watching at home: COMMERCIALS + BEYONCÉ.

When the halftime show hit last night, Beyoncé brought out the weave, the leather, her all-female band (that kicked ass), and a high-energy performance. So, we had to highlight not only the Destiny’s Child reunion, which was a little flat (could hardly hear Kelly and Michelle), but the dutty wine!

During the dance break, Beyoncé blazed it up with “Baby Boy,” featuring Sean Paul. Playing one of her biggest pop + dancehall fusions, Beyoncé remixed the track on stage with a Cutty Ranks sampling as she yelled “wine yuh waist” to the crowd. Her set of dancers were right in line, showing off the finalized result of months-long practice.

If you’ve ever seen her in concert, she does a little dancehall bit, when “Baby Boy” starts up. The half-time show brought more impact, as she brought her reggae influence to the American stage, with millions watching.

From one smoking woman to two, Superbowl commercials kept fans glued to their TV sets, with Latina actresses Zoe Saldana and Naya Rivera bringing a little sex appeal to their 30-second ads.

Glee returnee, Naya Rivera, plays house with her chocolate boyfriend in the comical and sweet M’&M’s commercial. As the red member vies for her love, Rivera is only thinking of ways to eat him (via baking and biting).

Saldana plays the seductive enchantress in a Bud Light commercial. With Stevie Wonder at the helm, Saldana, in a sultry black number, performs some bad juju on a lucky chair for 2 young men hoping to reverse the “football magic” of a rival fan.

Saldana tweeted her fans Monday, saying she had a great time working with “Superstitious” icon Stevie Wonder.

I personally want to see Beyoncé act as a drill sergeant for the dutty wine again! Congrats to all the ladies at the SuperBowl! You guys rocked!

Watch Naya Rivera in the M&M commercial below:

Zoe Saldana- Bud Light

Source(s): LargeUp, HuffPost Latino Voices


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